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Thyroid is a gland that has got a butterfly shape and is located at the front of a person’s neck. It contains two lobes that are connected by a isthmus – a sort of a bridge and when it is in order, healthy and normal, it is invisible to an eye and a person doesn’t feel it.

Thyroid produces hormones and is in charge of a body metabolism. There are various types of thyroid disorders starting from small goiter, when a thyroid gland is simply enlarged, to serious thyroid problems when one or both lobes must be surgically removed.

Among the most frequent problems related to thyroid is inadequate hormone production. It can be either excessive or insufficient. The first condition is called hyperthyroidism; the latter – hypothyroidism.

Thyroid problems can lead to many various complications to a person’s health; that is why it is necessary to undergo regular checks and make sure that the test results are ok. Early diagnosed symptoms of any thyroid problems are easier to treat. There are many medications that can help dealing with the condition.

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