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Hair Loss

Male-pattern baldness is considered one of the most common hair loss types. It affects at least the best half of all men who crossed the age of 40 and many men start getting the first baldness signals as early as in their 20s or 30s. First it is just excessive hair loss that is then followed by receding hairline. Then the hair thins at the areas of the temples and crown and only small areas get covered with hair. Any men have to shave their heads as there is too little hair left. Complete baldness happens, but not very often.

In men baldness is a hereditary condition and it is always that something that a son will have if a father does. It is not quite clear what is the reason for male-pattern baldness; however, there are theories that certain male hormone is responsible.

Women can also get affected by baldness (it is called female-pattern baldness) and it is characterized by thinning of hair on the top of the sculp. Women do not have hereditary baldness, however, they may suffer from alopecia as the result of other conditions.

Hair loss, baldness or alopecia, are not easy to treat; however, there are medications that are used for this purpose, among them are Propecia and Rogaine. There are also various hair restoration and replacement options.

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