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Diuretics are also known as water pills. They are designed to help a body to get rid of the excess of water and salt. They function by making a person’s body pass more sodium (salt) with the urine and by doing so, more water leaves a person’s blood. This is beneficial for people with cardiovascular diseases as their arteries start to experience less pressure.

Diuretics are mostly used for hypertension conditions. They lower blood pressure and allow blood to flow easier and the heart to work better. They are also used in the therapy of other heart-related conditions such as heart failure and in the treatment of kidney and liver ailments as well as in cases of glaucoma.

There are three types of diuretics: thiazide, loop and potassium-sparing. Each works by affecting a different part of your kidneys, and each may have different uses, side effects and precautions. Which diuretic is best for you depends on your health and the condition being treated.

Diuretics are divided into three major types: they are thriazide diuretics, loop diuretics and potassium-sparing diuretics. These three groups of medications influence different area of kidneys. They also have different indications, contraindications and side-effects. It is important to undergo the required tests before starting administration of any diuretics and it is strongly recommended not to take them unsupervised.

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