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Cardiovascular diseases are the ones that are related to a heart. It is closely related to atherosclerosis – a condition when arteries become too narrow for a blood flow to go on. As a result, blood clots may form and the blood flow stops completely. It results is a heart stroke or attack.

Heart attack occurs when blood cannot run freely to a heart and is blocked by a blood clot. If the path is blocked completely, the heart stops receiving blood and can die. Ischemic stroke usually happens when blood vessels cannot deliver blood to the brain.

There are other types of cardiovascular conditions that can occur as the result of atherosclerosis. Heart failure happens when there is not enough blood pumped up to the heart. Arrhythmia is also a heart-related condition when the rhythm of a heart is abnormal. Heart valve problems happen when the valves of the heart do not open sufficiently to pass enough blood.

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