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Anti Fungal

Fungi, or fungal germs, can be found in the surrounding food and soil as other areas of the environment. But there are also ones that thrive on a person’s body causing various infections. The most common are the ones of the skin and nails as well as vagina and mouth.

Among the most common skin infections known are the group of fungi called the tinea.

Antifungal medications are designed to treat fungal infections. Among them are body creams and infusions as well as sprays and shampoos. There are also various pills that are used for that matter. They can be taken orally or injected; there are also tablets that treat vaginal infections as well.

The method and term of the treatment with an antifungal medication depends on the infection in question and it also correlates with other health issues that a person may have. There are short-term treatments as in cases of vaginal thrush. Others are long-term, as with ringworm infection of the scalp, when the treatment can take up to 8 weeks.

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