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Parasitic infections are dangerous and spread fast. Parasites are numerous and the most common of them are worms, such as round and tapeworms. In accordance with the WHO statistics the figures of people infected are really high and what is more dangerous parasites affect animals as well as crops, which leads to infection spread to people. In the tropical regions where parasites have better conditions for flourishing anthelmintic drugs are essential.

Anthelmintics represent a group of drugs that deal with infections evoked by parasites. These drugs work by either killing the helminthes or stunning them. The drugs are not harmful to a person and in accordance with the way they work they are categorized in vermifuges and vermicides; the former stun parasites and the latter kill them.

Anthelmintics are effective in dealing with various parasitic infections; however, they might not be necessary if proper personal hygiene rules are followed. It is really important to wash your hands after visiting any public places and especially public restrooms. In case one member of a family is diagnosed with a parasitic infection, the entire family and household should undergo treatment.

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