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The discussion about generic drug versus brand-name drugs have never stopped. However, it is mostly due to the fact that the majority of people have a wrong idea about the notion of a generic drug.

In accordance with FDA requirements, all generic drugs are identical to their brand-name counterparts in their indication, the active ingredient, in the dosage, color, form, administration route and effect. There should be no other effect than that of a brand-name medication.

One of the reasons why generic drugs are cheaper is that their price does not include the process of development and marketing. When it comes to brand medications, they are usually developed, created and tested. Then they are marketed; and all these procedures make the cost of the drug much higher. Manufacturing companies and developers invest a lot into the business and they need to get their profits back.

When it comes to generics the aforementioned stages of development and testing are not involved in the process of production which makes them cheaper in terms of production and more available to customers. However, this does not affect the quality of the medications in the least.

Our generic pharmacy has a broad choice of quality generic drugs. All medications are absolutely identical to their brand-name counterparts with the only difference in prices.

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